I’m paraphrasing Flora on page five. This is how I’ve been feeling lately about Delaterra. It’s such a big place, and so much is happening, I simply can’t keep track of it all! So I’ve been sticking to short stories, and a non-fiction book I’ll publish next month. At least until things quiet down 🙂 In the past few months we had Cedric, moved to a different state, and fixed up a house. Plus, I took an online continuing ed class for librarianship in there (and I’m still questioning my sanity regarding that decision!). Things are finally settling into a routine, and soon I’ll stop thinking about Delaterra and I’ll write about it instead.

I just wanted to give a little update about writing, since I tend to keep on the quiet side. I love working on so many different projects because there’s always something to write, a few sentences here and a paragraph there. It’s progress. Shotgun progress, but progress all the same. Moving forward. Moving upward. Slowly growing. I don’t see the forest for the trees (or the book for all the words), then suddenly…it’s there. But not for a while yet 🙂

Good night.