Blurbs Are Hard

April 2, 2016

Hey there! It’s been a while. I got some great news: my short story, “A Quality of Pain”, is going to appear in a super unique anthology entitled Clash of the Titles! I’m really excited to be included in an absolutely fantastic lineup featuring all kinds of tales written by all sorts of authors. Each story is different, but they all have one thing in common: none of us authors came up with the titles for our stories! We each picked a title, provided by the editor, and basically ran with it. After months of hard work and editing, the end is near, and it’s time to do (for me) the hardest part about the writing process–The Blurb. You all know what The Blurb is. It’s the back of the book, the inside flap, the snippet from the Amazon description that makes you say, “Wow! I want to read this like NOW!” It literally takes me DAYS to write blurbs because I’m trying to entice readers without giving anything away, give readers a good idea of what to expect without going into detail or spelling out the entire plot, and introduce key characters with just the right amount of description, all while keeping it all as short as possible. It’s so hard! And just when I think it’s perfect, paralyzing doubt sets in and I have to re-write the entire thing. So, I’ve been working on the blurb for “A Quality of Pain” for about four days now. It’ll be done soon. I hope. When more details about Clash of the Titles become available, I will let you all know!

In other news, I haven’t heard back from Tor yet. I didn’t think I would by now, but my darned optimism is so hard to keep quiet. At least I haven’t heard a “no” yet, either! See? OPTIMISM. As usual, I’ve been writing when I can (when I feel like it, which isn’t always…).

And that’s all! I don’t believe in wasting time (as much as possible), so that’s it for now. Happy April Fool’s Day (and Happy Crab Day, hehe).


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