Nothing much to report on the writing front. I have a few short stories under consideration, but as I’ve come to learn, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. (Though, as usual, I’m always optimistic and hopeful!) I started another book project. I got to stop doing that! Another small note, I’ve been selected as a NaNoWriMo Municipal Liason  for my region, which is a first for me and I’m very happy about that 🙂

I wanted to write about what else is going on in my life. The library where I work is hosting a con later this year, and I’ve played a big part in making it happen. I’m super excited! And, since I don’t often get excuses to do stuff like this, I’m going all out on my costume. Nick Valentine is a second generation synth-turned detective in the game Fallout 4. I’ve played several of the Fallout games and they are among my favorites, so Nick was a natural choice (honestly, I did consider the Silver Shroud first, but his costume didn’t look as challenging). I’m going to do a trial run on the costume on Halloween or around then, and on the big day I’m going to document my transformation from late-20’s librarian of the present to a synth-detective from the apocalyptic future. It’ll be fun, I promise.

That’s all for now! Take care.